5 Waist Training Tips

5 Waist Training Tips


Contrary to popular belief waist training is nothing new. However, the benefits of waist training are once again on the rise. Everyone from celebrities to next door neighbors is trying out what is believed to be the best way to get their tummies into perfect shape. There are a few things to keep in mind though so you can achieve the most from your waist trainer and not end up injured.

Size Matters

Taking proper measurements to ensure you have the right fit for your waist trainer is very important. If it’s too big on you, won’t achieve good results. On the other hand if your waist trainer is too small or uncomfortably tight you can actually do organ damage to yourself! This was a common issue back in Victorian times when women wore tight corsets. The same can happen today with a waist trainer. Find the one that fits you securely but not so tight that you have trouble breathing. Super small trainers that aren’t designed for the right body type and are worn too long can cause bodily disfigurement as well. Start with a trainer that isn’t too tight nor too big and be sure to not dive into wearing it for long periods of time if you’re new to waist trainers. Like anything new it takes time to get used to wearing. Take your measurements in the morning before breakfast to avoid getting incorrect measurements from tummy bloat due to overeating.


When you find the right waist trainer for your body type make sure that it’s not too tight when you sit in the driver’s seat of your vehicle. Many people who are interested in was it training don’t even think about the dangers the trainer can pose if it’s too tight while operating a motor vehicle. It can cut off airflow by putting too much pressure on the body depending on how the seats in your vehicle are designed. You definitely don’t want to pass out while driving! Also, organ damage can occur if your trainer is pressing into you too firmly.

Build Your Core

This is the most important part of was it training that a lot of individuals don’t really think about. If you don’t do core muscle training while wearing your trainer your muscles can actually atrophy! No one wants that to happen which is why strengthening your core muscle group in your tummy is crucial when wearing a waist trainer.

How Long Should Waist Training Last?

Waist training duration varies by person and body type but as a general rule you should focus on training for six week durations to have the safest waist training experience possible. Some individuals have reportedly used theirs for longer periods but it is not recommended.

When to Remove Your Waist Trainer

Obviously you can’t and shouldn’t wear your waist trainer all the time. Though you may love the feel of it you will be faced with having to remove it at certain times of the day (such as showering and exercising). Wearing your trainer during exercise can cause physical harm! Never risk personal injury when performing any exercise. The results could leave you with permanent injuries that may be irreparable.

Follow these five tips and you’ll begin to see the benefits of waist training and how it can get you the look you want. Make others jealous of your new beautiful figure but just remember to do it healthily and safely. You’ll be happier with yourself for achieving not just your new image and healthier lifestyle but improved posture as well.

Understanding Why Gluten Free Makeup Is Recommended

Understanding Why Gluten Free Makeup Is Recommended

Do you need Gluten Free Makeup?

Although little is known of how much gluten all the rage cosmetic products contain, some individuals are aware that they might experience signs after swallowing a bit of gluten-tainted makeup. While many experts argue that gluten-free cosmetics won’t have any effects, they are likely to help control the symptoms. But do you need gluten free makeup? Here is a guideline to help you make a decision.

How often do you wear makeup?

When deciding on gluten-free makeup, it is important to consider how often you wear makeup. If use it on a daily basis or more often, then gluten-free cosmetics might work well for you. If you are that person that uses it for special events, then you shouldn’t consider this option. But it is the way to go.

Do you have a celiac disease?

Although celiac disease is not curable, it can be naturally controlled by getting rid of gluten. A gluten-free lifestyle can help in controling the situation than using a diet. If you have a celiac disease, then you should start using gluten-free cosmetics since they can avert flare-ups. However, some experts say that makeup and skin care products like moisturizers that you use on your skin unless applied on lips, shouldn’t be a problem. It is, therefore, important to be sure that whatever you use on your lips is gluten-free because you can easily swallow it.

It is crucial that you be careful of gluten content in any products that can end up in your mouth. This is not just for celiac sufferers, but for everyone who has gluten intolerance. Avoid makeup that contains gluten.

Is your product marked gluten-free?

If you can’t check the labels, you will not know what ingredients kind of goods you are using contain. You may also be unaware if you actually need gluten-free cosmetics. It is thus nice always to check the labels to check if the product is clearly marked gluten-free because gluten can appear in various ingredients. In this manner, you will avoid using brands that contain gluten.

What makeup brands are gluten-free?

Well, gluten-free makeup is a great investment if you want to protect yourself. Below are some of the gluten-free free makeup brands we singled out for you.

Afterglow Cosmetics

Many of its products are said of not containing ingredients derived from barley, rye, or wheat. These ingredients are the primary sources of gluten. Their cosmetics instead use Vitamin E.

BITE Beauty

This is a products only brand, and they are said to be safe for individuals with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

Lorem Cosmetics

A popular all natural and gluten free makeup brand that offers a variety of products. They have great reviews and people seem to love them. Make sure you try their mineral foundation. It really helps clear up my sensitive skin.


Even if you can’t change your makeup kit, it is vital that every time you apply makeup, you thoroughly wash your hands so as to protect yourself. However, using gluten-free products can help much if you usually forget and are not sure of your celiac condition. These kinds of products will help you or let your skin to behave normally. And if you are allergic to ingredients like wheat, using gluten-free cosmetics will prevent any undesirable skin reactions.